We are proud to feature one of the best selections in the USA of German Riesling.  The “Riesling renaissance” is in full bloom and we couldn’t be happier.  These long misunderstood wines are now getting the attention they deserve and prices still remain a bargain-especially when you consider that you are getting a “grand cru” wine from a very steep vineyard for less than $40!  We have a large selection of wines from dry to very fruity from all the major growing regions.  Please feel to email our “German wine nut” Phil Bernstein: if you have any questions.

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Number of wines found: 236


Adam, AJ - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
406322006 Dhron Hofberg Auslese

"The first wine harvested this vintage, and then en bloc, Adam's 2006 Dhronhofberger Riesling Auslese is initially a bit covered over by youthful fermentative aromas and a faintly musky, dusty expression of botrytis. As it sits open, delectable aromas of quince preserves, apple blossom, fennel pollen, cardamom, and ginger waft from the glass. Oily-textured, caressingly soft in feel, and glycerin-rich on the palate, this Auslese preserves the core of fresh fruit that runs as a common theme through the sweet wines here this year. Musk melon, peach, and hints of white raisin contribute allure to the soothing finish of a wine that needs time to work off a bit of youthful sweetness, but that I predict will prove unforgettable, drunk anywhere between 10 and 40 years of age." David Schildknecht
- Wine Advocate

92 WA750ml55.99Add to Cart.
563442011 Dhron Hofberg Kabinett92 WA750ml29.99Add to Cart.
605002012 Dhron Hofberg Kabinett750ml31.99Add to Cart.
641042013 Dhron Hofberg Kabinett91+ WA750ml32.99Add to Cart.
605012012 Dhron Hofberg Spatlese94 WS750ml47.99Add to Cart.
641052013 Dhron Hofberg Spatlese94+ WA750ml54.99Add to Cart.


Bastgen - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
635832013 Kestener Paulinshofberger Kabinett750ml15.99Add to Cart.
593862012 Kestener Paulinshofberger Spatlese750ml23.99Add to Cart.
635842013 Kestener Paulinshofberger Spatlese750ml23.99Add to Cart.


Becker - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
642522011 Spatburgunder750ml17.99Add to Cart.


Bex - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
627372012 Riesling Qba750ml9.99Add to Cart.


Carl von Schubert - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
454202008 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Auslese91 WA
92 WS
750ml59.99Add to Cart.
610172012 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Auslese93 WS750ml64.99Add to Cart.
427252007 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Kabinett750ml25.99Add to Cart.
610182012 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Kabinett90 WS750ml29.99Add to Cart.
427212007 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Spatlese750ml32.99Add to Cart.
577382011 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Spatlese92 WS750ml35.99Add to Cart.
610162012 Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Spatlese91 WS750ml36.99Add to Cart.
610192012 Maximin Grunhauser Herrenberg Kabinett91 WS750ml26.99Add to Cart.
427262007 Maximin Grunhauser Herrenberg Spatlese90 WS750ml29.99Add to Cart.


Christmann - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
495832008 Konigsbacher Idig Riesling trocken Grosses Gewachs92 ST750ml65.99Add to Cart.


Christoffel, JJ - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
641112013 Erdener Treppchen Kabinett750ml27.99Add to Cart.
605022012 Erdener Treppchen Spatlese750ml31.99Add to Cart.
641122013 Erdener Treppchen Spatlese750ml31.99Add to Cart.
289762002 Urziger Wurzgarten Eiswein93 WA375ml139.00Add to Cart.
641132013 Urziger Wurzgarten Kabinett750ml27.99Add to Cart.
605042012 Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese93 WS750ml31.99Add to Cart.
641142013 Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese750ml34.99Add to Cart.


Clemens Busch - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
614682011 Marienburg Grosses Gewachs750ml39.99Add to Cart.
614692011 Marienburg Rothenpfad Grosses Gewachs750ml49.99Add to Cart.


Clusserath, Ansgar - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
537412010 Trittenheimer Apotheke Spatlese

"Subtly oiliness of texture; a palpable sense of extract - not precluding buoyancy; a sweaty, faintly carnal savor; saliva-inducing salinity; and the proverbial kiss of wet stone all combine for a delightful, persistent performance that owners of the requisite youth can expect to enjoy for at least the next quarter century. " David Schildknecht
- Wine Advocate

91 WA750ml29.99Add to Cart.


Darting, Kurt - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
604182012 Durkheimer Michelsberg Kabinett750ml16.99Add to Cart.
604202012 Durkheimer Nonnengarten Gewurztraminer Kabinett750ml17.99Add to Cart.
604172012 Durkheimer Nonnengarten Kabinett Liters1L15.99Add to Cart.


Donnhoff - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
632972013 Riesling Estate Qba750ml21.99Add to Cart.
604232012 Grosses Gewachs Hermannshohle750ml74.99Add to Cart.
641152013 Grosses Gewachs Hermannshohle95 WA750ml74.99Add to Cart.
641162013 Kreuznacher Krotenpfuhl Kabinett90 WA750ml24.99Add to Cart.
402402006 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Beerenauslese93 ST
99 WA
375ml189.00Add to Cart.
450072008 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Spatlese93 WS750ml63.99Add to Cart.
604292012 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Spatlese750ml59.99Add to Cart.
289652002 Niederhauser Hermannshole Auslese375ml49.99Add to Cart.
604262012 Norheimer Kirschheck Spatlese92 WS750ml41.99Add to Cart.
641182013 Norheimer Kirschheck Spatlese93 WA750ml39.99Add to Cart.
604282012 Oberhauser Brucke Spatlese750ml49.99Add to Cart.
641192013 Oberhauser Brucke Spatlese93 WA750ml52.99Add to Cart.
641202013 Oberhauser Leistenberg Kabinett91 WA750ml27.99Add to Cart.
604272012 Schlossbockelheimer Felsenberg Felsenturmchen Spatlese750ml41.99Add to Cart.


Dr. Loosen - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
649992014 Dr. L Qba750ml10.99Add to Cart.
322932003 Erdener Pralat Auslese750ml59.99Add to Cart.
427022007 Erdener Pralat Auslese Gold Capsule94 WA
94 WS
750ml92.99Add to Cart.
600812012 Erdener Treppchen Spatlese90 WS750ml27.99Add to Cart.
615332012 Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese750ml29.99Add to Cart.
427012007 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Gold Capsule92 WS
91 WA
750ml61.99Add to Cart.
615342006 Wehlener Sonnenuhr TBA750ml199.00Add to Cart.


Emrich-Schonleber - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
326142003 Monzinger Halenberg Beerenauslese375ml120.00Add to Cart.


F Weins Prum - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
634372013 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett750ml19.99Add to Cart.
634392013 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese750ml25.99Add to Cart.


F.K. Schmitt - RheinhessenScoreSizePrice* 
645322003 Niersteiner Pettenthal Auslese #4375ml29.99Add to Cart.


Furst - FrankenScoreSizePrice* 
634452013 Pur Mineral Riesling Trocken750ml26.99Add to Cart.


Gunderloch - RheinhessenScoreSizePrice* 
420171997 Nackenheimer Rothenberg Auslese91 WS750ml61.99Add to Cart.
563972011 Nackenheimer Rothenberg Spatlese91 WA750ml41.99Add to Cart.


Gut Hermannsberg - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
586852011 Hermannsberg Grosses Gewachs Riesling Trocken750ml54.99Add to Cart.
586862011 Kupfergrube Grosses Gewachs Riesling Trocken750ml54.99Add to Cart.


Haag, Fritz - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
566412011 Brauneberger Juffer Auslese Gold Cap #2291 WA750ml79.99Add to Cart.
411402005 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese # 9 Gold Cap95 WS750ml69.99Add to Cart.
566392011 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese #691 WA750ml44.99Add to Cart.
532352010 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese Gold Cap Erste Lage #993 WA375ml41.99Add to Cart.
623522012 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese750ml39.99Add to Cart.


Hexamer, Helmut - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
429052007 Schlossbockelheimer In Den Felsen Auslese91 WA750ml64.99Add to Cart.


Karlsmuhle - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
316042003 Kaseler Nies'chen Auslese750ml43.99Add to Cart.


Karthauserhof - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
566422011 Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Auslese750ml39.99Add to Cart.
643242013 Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Auslese93 WA750ml54.99Add to Cart.
562972011 Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Kabinett750ml31.99Add to Cart.
643222013 Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Kabinett92 WA750ml31.99Add to Cart.
596182012 Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Spatlese750ml34.99Add to Cart.
643232013 Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg Spatlese93 WA750ml39.99Add to Cart.


Kruger Rumpf - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
604322012 Munsterer Dautenpflanzer Spatlese750ml24.99Add to Cart.
641232013 Munsterer Dautenpflanzer Spatlese750ml24.99Add to Cart.
604332012 Scheurebe Spatlese750ml24.99Add to Cart.
641242013 Scheurebe Spatlese750ml24.99Add to Cart.


Kunstler - RheingauScoreSizePrice* 
641252013 Estate Riesling Trocken750ml24.99Add to Cart.
641262012 Hochheimer Kirchenstuck Kabinett Trocken92 WA750ml29.99Add to Cart.
641272012 Rudesheimer Riesling Trocken750ml25.99Add to Cart.


Lauer, Peter - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
652182014 Riesling Barrel X trocken750ml17.99Add to Cart.
65214 nv Riesling Sekt750ml31.99Add to Cart.
615122012 Ayler Kupp Riesling Fass 12 Unterstenbersch750ml34.99Add to Cart.
615132012 Ayler Kupp Riesling Fass 15 Stirn750ml39.99Add to Cart.
633712013 Fass 6 "Senior" Ayler Kupp750ml26.99Add to Cart.


Leitz - RheingauScoreSizePrice* 
563502011 Rudesheimer Berg Roseneck Spatlese93 ST750ml39.99Add to Cart.
641752013 Rudesheimer Klosterlay Kabinett91 WA750ml18.99Add to Cart.
641762013 Rudesheimer Magdalenenkreuz Spatlese92 WA750ml24.99Add to Cart.


Loewen, Carl - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
406362006 Leiwener Laurentiuslay Auslese91 WA750ml39.99Add to Cart.


Matthias Hild - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
64325 nv Elbling Sekt Brut #52750ml16.99Add to Cart.
633722013 Elbling Trocken Zehnkommanul750ml19.99Add to Cart.


Max Ferd. Richter - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
398082005 Brauneberger Juffer Auslese89 WA750ml32.99Add to Cart.
503362009 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese91 WA750ml43.99Add to Cart.
569882011 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese91 WS750ml45.99Add to Cart.
596912012 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese93 WS750ml26.99Add to Cart.
645562013 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese94 WA750ml26.99Add to Cart.
645552013 Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett750ml20.99Add to Cart.
539902010 Mulheimer Helenenkloster Eiswein92 WA375ml125.00Add to Cart.
569872011 Mulheimer Sonnenlay Auslese91 ST
93 WS
750ml52.99Add to Cart.
645522013 Velenzer Elisenberg Kabinett750ml20.99Add to Cart.
645532013 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett750ml20.99Add to Cart.
539922010 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese93 WS750ml27.99Add to Cart.
645542013 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese92+ WA750ml27.99Add to Cart.


Merkelbach, Alfred - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
641282013 Erdener Treppchen Spatlese #4750ml24.99Add to Cart.
641302013 Urziger Wurzgarten Kabinett #6750ml21.99Add to Cart.
641312013 Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese #9750ml24.99Add to Cart.


Messmer - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
641322013 Riesling Trocken Granit750ml21.99Add to Cart.
604102012 Scheurebe750ml16.99Add to Cart.
604112011 Burrweiler Schawer Spatlese750ml31.99Add to Cart.


Meyer-Nakel - AhrScoreSizePrice* 
593212011 Spatburgunder750ml64.99Add to Cart.


Minges, Theo - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
641332013 Gleisweiler Riesling Trocken750ml21.99Add to Cart.
604162012 Gleisweiler Holle Scheurebe Spatlese750ml26.99Add to Cart.


Molitor, Markus - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
586202011 Erdener Treppchen Auslese *** A.P. #10696 WA750ml89.99Add to Cart.
586182011 Urziger Wurzgarten Auslese *** A.P. #10597 WA750ml89.99Add to Cart.
586162011 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese A.P. #1893 WA750ml34.99Add to Cart.
608342011 Zeltinger Sonnenhur Spatlese A.P. #2294 WA750ml36.99Add to Cart.
586172011 Zeltinger Sonnenhur Spatlese Trocken750ml27.99Add to Cart.


Monchhof - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
561082011 Mosel Slate Spatlese750ml24.99Add to Cart.
526212010 Erdener Pralat Auslese90 WA750ml42.99Add to Cart.
563012011 Erdener Pralat Auslese750ml42.99Add to Cart.
599772012 Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese750ml24.99Add to Cart.


Muller, Egon - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
637012013 Scharzhofberger Kabinett #292 WA750ml84.99Add to Cart.
637022013 Scharzhofberger Spatlese #494 WA750ml154.00Add to Cart.
605872012 Scharzhofberger Spatlese #6750ml119.00Add to Cart.


Muller-Catoir - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
432442007 Breumel In Den Mauern TBA95 WA375ml224.00Add to Cart.
432452007 Burgergarten Muskateller TBA375ml224.00Add to Cart.
604042012 Burgergarten Riesling Trocken750ml44.99Add to Cart.
604072012 Gimmeldinger Mandelgarten Spatlese750ml49.99Add to Cart.
604092012 Herzog Rieslaner Spatlese750ml49.99Add to Cart.
432432007 Schlossel Rieslaner BA96 ST
94 WA
375ml224.00Add to Cart.


Pfeffingen - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
593152012 Gewurztraminer Ungstein trocken750ml22.99Add to Cart.


Prum, JJ - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
570992011 Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese93 WA750ml36.99Add to Cart.
526502010 Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese Gold Cap93 WA750ml74.99Add to Cart.
571042011 Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese Gold Cap95 WA750ml74.99Add to Cart.
526472010 Graacher Himmelreich Auslese91 WA750ml39.99Add to Cart.
591302011 Graacher Himmelreich Auslese Gold Cap750ml84.99Add to Cart.
605402012 Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett92 WA750ml24.99Add to Cart.
646292012 Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese750ml34.99Add to Cart.
571022011 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese94 WA750ml44.99Add to Cart.
605442012 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese95 WA375ml28.99Add to Cart.
571052011 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Gold Cap95 WA750ml95.00Add to Cart.
571012011 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese93 WA1.5L130.00Add to Cart.
605412012 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese94 WA750ml36.99Add to Cart.
605422012 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese94 WA375ml23.99Add to Cart.
573702011 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese Gold Capsule750ml84.99Add to Cart.
642492007 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spatlese93 WA750ml34.99Add to Cart.


Rebholz - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
625792013 Spatburgunder750ml26.99Add to Cart.
593252011 Kastanienbusch Riesling trocken Grosses Gewachs750ml84.99Add to Cart.
634442012 Kastanienbusch Riesling trocken Grosses Gewachs92 WS750ml84.99Add to Cart.


Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
558012010 Josephshofer Grosses Gewachs Erste Lage750ml52.99Add to Cart.
558002011 Josephshofer Kabinett92 WS750ml25.99Add to Cart.
653372013 Josephshofer Kabinett750ml19.99Add to Cart.
558032010 Kaseler Nies'chen Riesling trocken Grosses Gewachs750ml52.99Add to Cart.


Reinhold Haart - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
639632013 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Kabinett750ml26.99Add to Cart.
522742010 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Kabinett Erste Lage750ml27.99Add to Cart.
596162012 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Spatlese93 WS750ml33.99Add to Cart.
639642013 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Spatlese750ml36.99Add to Cart.


Schaefer, Willi - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
411592006 Graacher Domprobst Auslese #10

"The 2006 Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese A.P. #10 features lightly caramelized peach, grilled pineapple, grapefruit, and subtly meaty smoky aromatic notes. The botrytis was a bit more advanced or at least its presence is slightly more obvious with honey, baked apple, caramelized peach, and white raisin in the vanguard of very forward richness (in contrast with the ethereal and delicate elements of #14.) But there is also admirable retention of vibrant citrus, along with the piquancy of toasted nuts, both of which elements help to balance the sweetness. There are 800 liters of this, by the way - it's no micro cuvee. Look for it to keep pace with the #14 for 40 or more years. Lucky those who acquire some of each!" David Schildknecht
- Wine Advocate

91 ST
96 WA
750ml93.99Add to Cart.
411572006 Graacher Domprobst Auslese #11

"The Schaefers' 2006 Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese A.P.#11 smells Chartreuse-like in its suggestion of herbal and floral distillate; pits creaminess against bright lemon, tart crab apple, juicy, fresh yellow plum, and piquant walnut oil; and finishes with seemingly unlimited sappy, spicy concentration of herbs, citrus, and pit fruits. This rich yet not at all fat or even creamy Riesling brilliantly fulfills Schaefer's intention to press the fresh fruit from the grapes without bringing along any bitter or coarser elements of botrytis. The refinement, subtlety, yet length and energy are remarkable. This would best be given 5-7 years before re-visiting and will then last at least 20 more." David Schildknecht
- Wine Advocate

94 WA750ml70.99Add to Cart.
585992012 Graacher Domprobst Spatlese #593 WA750ml44.99Add to Cart.
641582013 Graacher Domprobst Spatlese #594 WA750ml49.99Add to Cart.
433302007 Graacher Himmelreich Eiswein94 WA
94 WS
375ml209.00Add to Cart.
604902012 Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese92 WS750ml37.99Add to Cart.
641602013 Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese93+ WA750ml39.99Add to Cart.


Schafer Frohlich - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
371062005 Bockenauer Felseneck Auslese93 WS375ml44.99Add to Cart.
368302005 Bockenauer Felseneck Spatlese93 WS750ml39.99Add to Cart.
522802010 Bockenauer Felseneck Spatlese91 WA750ml31.99Add to Cart.
599742012 Bockenauer Felseneck Spatlese94 WS750ml34.99Add to Cart.
634462013 Bockenauer Felseneck Spatlese93+ WA750ml36.99Add to Cart.
599752012 Bockenauer Felseneck Spatlese Gold Cap93 ST750ml42.99Add to Cart.
634472013 Bockenauer Felseneck Spatlese Gold Cap94 WA750ml48.99Add to Cart.
642512013 Felseneck Grosses Gewachs95 WA750ml79.99Add to Cart.
519512009 Monzinger Halenberg Spatlese93 WA750ml31.99Add to Cart.


Schloss Hallburg - FrankenScoreSizePrice* 
593192012 Weissburgunder750ml16.99Add to Cart.
593182012 Pinot Gris Kabinett Grauburgunder750ml17.99Add to Cart.


Schloss Lieser - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
566272011 Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese92 WS750ml29.99Add to Cart.
566282011 Niederberg Helden Auslese93+ WA750ml43.99Add to Cart.
562922011 Niederberg Helden Spatlese90 WS
93 WA
750ml31.99Add to Cart.


Schloss Schonborn - RheingauScoreSizePrice* 
634432012 Spatlese Erbacher Marcobrunn750ml34.99Add to Cart.


Schlossgut Diel - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
604342012 Scheurebe Scheurebe Spatlese750ml44.99Add to Cart.


Schneider, Jakob - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
604222012 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Spatlese750ml31.99Add to Cart.
641462013 Niederhauser Hermannshohle Spatlese750ml29.99Add to Cart.


Selbach Oster - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
641472012 Graacher Domprobst Spatlese750ml26.99Add to Cart.
641482012 Graacher Domprobst Spatlese Feinherb Alte Reben750ml27.99Add to Cart.
604982012 Zeltinger Himmelreich Eiswein375ml89.99Add to Cart.
604932012 Zeltinger Himmelreich Kabinett Halbtrocken750ml21.99Add to Cart.
604942012 Zeltinger Himmelreich Riesling Anrecht92 WS750ml36.99Add to Cart.
604992012 Zeltinger Schlossberg Auslese *92 WS750ml39.99Add to Cart.
641492013 Zeltinger Schlossberg Kabinett750ml23.99Add to Cart.
626492012 Zeltinger Schlossberg Spatlese750ml26.99Add to Cart.
536112010 Zeltinger Schlossberg Spatlese Schmitt92 WA750ml44.99Add to Cart.
567682011 Zeltinger Schlossberg Spatlese Schmitt93 WA750ml49.99Add to Cart.
567702010 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese **750ml52.99Add to Cart.
536102010 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese Rotlay93 WA750ml51.99Add to Cart.
567692011 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Rotlay91+ WA750ml49.99Add to Cart.
604962012 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Rotlay94 WA750ml52.99Add to Cart.
641502012 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spatlese92+ WA750ml24.99Add to Cart.
604972012 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spatlese *91 WS750ml29.99Add to Cart.


Selbach, J & H - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
569542010 Eiswein 500ml61.99Add to Cart.


Shelter Winery - BadenScoreSizePrice* 
643262012 Spatburgunder750ml17.99Add to Cart.
652122012 Spatburgunder750ml24.99Add to Cart.


Spreitzer - RheingauScoreSizePrice* 
641512013 Oestricher Lenchen Kabinett90 WA750ml19.99Add to Cart.
604592012 Oestricher Lenchen Spatlese "303"750ml46.99Add to Cart.
604582012 Winkeler Jesuitengarten Spatlese750ml31.99Add to Cart.


Staatsweingut Bad Kreuznach - NaheScoreSizePrice* 
384232004 Norheimer Kafels Auslese750ml31.99Add to Cart.


Staatsweinguter Kloster Eberbach - RheingauScoreSizePrice* 
585002011 Rauenthaler Baiken Spatlese91 WA750ml46.99Add to Cart.
585012011 Steinberger Spatlese750ml56.99Add to Cart.


Strub, J.u.H.A - RheinhessenScoreSizePrice* 
641532013 Niersteiner Brucken Kabinett750ml17.99Add to Cart.
641542013 Niersteiner Paterberg Spatlese750ml19.99Add to Cart.


Thanisch, Dr.H - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
642812012 Auslese Bernkasteler Doctor94 WS375ml48.99Add to Cart.
314392003 Bernkasteler Doctor Spatlese750ml39.99Add to Cart.


Vereinigte Hospitien - GermanyScoreSizePrice* 
645332005 Scharzhofberger Auslese750ml34.99Add to Cart.


Villa Wolf - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
622972013 Grauburgunder 750ml10.99Add to Cart.


Vollenweider - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
628482013 Wolfer Goldgrube Kabinett91+ WA750ml27.99Add to Cart.
628492013 Wolfer Goldgrube Spatlese93+ WA750ml39.99Add to Cart.


von Hovel - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
532302010 Oberemmeler Hutte Kabinett750ml18.99Add to Cart.
532322010 Oberemmeler Hutte Riesling Feinherb Erste Lage750ml32.99Add to Cart.


Von Winning - PfalzScoreSizePrice* 
641562013 Riesling Estate Trocken750ml17.99Add to Cart.
641552013 Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten Riesling Trocken750ml27.99Add to Cart.


Wagner-Stempel - RheinhessenScoreSizePrice* 
534972010 Heerkretz Grosses Gewachs750ml74.99Add to Cart.


Weil, Robert - RheingauScoreSizePrice* 
414582005 Kiedricher Grafenberg Auslese93 WS375ml55.99Add to Cart.
592912004 Kiedricher Grafenberg TBA99 WA375ml399.00Add to Cart.
610202012 Spatlese Kiedricher Grafenberg93 WS
94 WA
750ml79.99Add to Cart.


Weingut Adam & Haart - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
563532011 Piesporter Riesling trocken750ml44.99Add to Cart.


Weingut Keller - RheinhessenScoreSizePrice* 
643212013 Dalsheimer Hubacker Grosses Gewachs93 WA750ml79.99Add to Cart.
628462011 Grosses Gewachs Spatburgunder Frauenberg750ml119.00Add to Cart.
628442013 Riesling Trocken "Von der Fels"750ml35.99Add to Cart.
652112013 Westhofener Kirchspiel Riesling RR750ml49.99Add to Cart.


Weiser-Kunstler - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
628472013 Estate Feinherb750ml24.99Add to Cart.


Zilliken - MoselScoreSizePrice* 
634682003 Saarburger Rausch Spatlese750ml31.99Add to Cart.
593102012 Saarburger Rausch Spatlese93 WS750ml39.99Add to Cart.
524512010 Saarburger Rausch Spatlese Erste Lage #894 WA750ml44.99Add to Cart.


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