Handcrafted in the traditional way, this classic shochu is single distilled from tasty Japanese two-rowed barley, black koji rice, and the pure, famous waters of Black Hair Mountain (Kurokami-yama). At 70 proof it is more concentrated, like shochus of old, to enhance the subtle complexities, body and finish. 原料: 麦・米麹(黒) / 度数: 35度 TASTING NOTES: Delicate, earthy, lively, delicious. Floral, sake-like aroma with notes of banana bread and fresh grains. Buttery texture. Drinks like a young whisky with hints of ripe melon and vanilla custard. DRINKING SUGGESTIONS: Enjoyed best on the rocks with a single large ice (you can try with a slice of cucumber). Or enjoy as a highball, topped with soda water and garnished cucumber slices. We also suggest mixing with fresh ruby red grapefruit juice and a splash of soda, or mixing with iced green teas.

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