Atlas Brew Works Silent Neighbor Stout 6.7% ABV | 36 IBU | 15.3? OG A RICH PUMPERNICKEL STOUT FOR ALL SEASONS Made with generous portions of rye and blackstrap molasses, Silent Neighbor Stout is more than meets the eye. Named as an homage to our neighbors in the historic Mount Olivet Cemetery, this stout has a hearty richness shrouded in mystery. It opens with notes of rye, chocolate, and roasted barley blended with rich molasses and subtle fruity bitterness. This whole grain belly warmer is the perfect haunt for any season. BEHIND THE NAME Silent Neighbor features a headstone on its label. Across the way in the Mount Olivet Cemetery dwells the legacy of Father of the Lager, George Juenemann, since founding his DC brewery in 1884. An eternal neighbor to the brewery, Juenemann rouses postmortem pints, sipping in silence and solitude.

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