About this mezcal Leyenda Guerrero is made with agave Cupreata that grows wild in a grove of oak trees for 7 to 10 years before reaching maturity. It is made by Don Oscar Obreg?n, who is the 4th generation in his lineage to be distilling mezcal. His attention for detail in his special f?brica, gives this complex agave a level of quality rarely seen in any mezcal. All of his agave Cupreata is sustainably harvested. This mezcal has notes of tropical fruits, papaya, and gentle smoke. Leyenda Mezcal Mezcales de Leyenda believes they can improve some of the most marginalized communities in Mexico. They implement the best fair trade practices where they work, and they have many efforts in agave sustainability. Their mezcals come from the different mezcal-producing states. They also have some special edition, small-batch mezcals.

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