The second release in our innovative ?Distiller's Art Series,? this clear spirit is our Gold Medal award winning Copper Fox Rye Whisky, bottled at barrel strength prior to aging. Our spirit is hand crafted from 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Thoroughbred barley developed and grown locally, exclusively for Copper Fox Distillery. Unlike neutral grain spirits, which are distilled at 190 proof and above, our spirits are hand crafted and carefully distilled at just under 160 proof, utilizing a process which allows the complete essence and flavor of the barley grain to come through. Enjoy this Rye Spirit as a foundation for creating marvelous cocktails; substituting it for many other spirits in your favorite recipes. In addition, we invite you to replicate the aging process at home in our new lightly charred American white oak barrels. The cask strength (124 proof) spirit is the best strength to optimize the reaction of spirit and wood. Subtle toasted almond and ripe apple of the malt, with a gin-like floral sensation and the soft saltiness of a Rappahannock river oyster. End notes of pepper and spice with a surprisingly sweet finish.

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