Tasting Notes: While that recipe may look very familiar to you (MGP, LDI), you may be surprised to hear that this rye was fermented, distilled, aged and bottled at the TCW Co. distillery. The main difference being a locally grown hearty variety of rye. On the nose, some of the typical rye elements appear in abundance. This recipe when made elsewhere is synonymous with pickle juice, this has some of the hallmark flavors but it is more toward the dill and less of the sharp pickle notes. Followed by tons of spearmint, an earthy element, bay leaf, rosemary all eclipsed by a subtle toasted oak note. Hiding behind all of that are hints of lemon oil and surprisingly an apricot eu de vie note. On the palate, the first notes dance back and forth between caramel and the herbaceous notes, followed by milk chocolate, notes of honey, and intense cinnamon spice, saltwater taffy like sweetness helps balance the spice, and a subtle tobacco note rounds it all out. The finish is long and mouth-filling with cinnamon spice and Sichuan pepper-like heat blazing up front, and a minty note sitting in the middle and mingling with chocolate and toasted bread. Where the nose and palate lead with the herbaceous notes they are surprisingly subtle on the finish with the overall impression of this whiskey lasting long after it's gone. While we love us some MGP whiskey at Prestige-Ledroit this TCW distillate really shows the potential of such a heavy rye count Rye Whiskey offering balance and depth and a sense of refinement at six years old.

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