This Aperitif from the French Island of Corsica was created in the 19th century by Louis Napol?on Mattei. Cap Corse gets it moniker from the 25 mile long peninsula that juts out off the northern end of the Island. Cap Corse, the area, is known for having some of the best vineyards on the Island. Unlike most wine based liqueurs/aperitifs, the Cap Corse is made from grape must and grape spirit, so all the sweetness is residual sugar from the grapes. Cinchona barks (quinquina), fresh cacoa and walnut skins lends bitterness to balance the drink, with local c?drat (citron) adding fresh citrus notes and tying it all together. This gives a depth and complexity to a relatively inexpensive bottle. Beginning with a beautiful aromatic base of Corsican Muscat and Vermentinu mistelles, the rouge Cap Corse displays noticeably more bitter complexity than the blanc without losing the lively and accessible sundrenched vibes that define these classic aperitifs from this Mediterranean French island. Excellent with an orange twist and splash of club soda, this will play equally well in cocktails. An excellently executed offering well worth keeping on hand in your fridge at all times.

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