After five years of asking, we're launching our FIRST gin: Assembly. This spirit is a nod to both process and purpose. The freedom to assemble is our right to gather peacefully, to speak truth to power and redress our grievances. We took inspiration from our founding team's Italian heritage to craft a savory gin that speaks to our roots and our values. In Spring 2019, we began R&D on a gin flavor profile we had never seen before. By early 2020, our recipe was finally where we wanted it to be, and the name Assembly was a natural fit for a spirit defined by thoughtfully assembled ingredients. #readyforlaunch, right? Like so much in recent memory, it had to be put on hold last year. Throughout 2020, the name took on new meaning as we marched, rallied, and witnessed solidarity in the fight for Black Lives, LGBTQ Rights, Women's Equality, Climate Action, Immigrant Rights, and functioning democracy. Kicking 2021 off with a coup attempt and anti-protest bills?

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