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Rum Buyers Guide

**Wray & Nephew back in stock!**
Plus two new premiums... Samaroli Jamaican Rhapsody and Bapt & Clems 

As we transition into Summer, RUM takes its rightful place in the cocktail lineup, right up there with tequila and Mezcal . Classic cocktails range from simple cocktails, to more intensive concoctions, and are ideal for warm weather drinking. Rum is having a bit of a “rebirth” as drinkers are rediscovering its allure... Whether you are making Mojitos, Mai Tais, or a Cobra’s Fang, we have the Rum for you!

Dark Rums: also known by their particular colour, such as brown, black, or red rums, are classes a grade darker than gold rums. They are usually made from caramelized sugar or molasses. They are generally aged longer, in heavily charred barrels, giving them much stronger flavors than either light or gold rums, and hints of spices can be detected, along with a strong molasses or caramel overtone. They commonly provide substance in rum drinks, as well as colour. In addition, dark rum is the type most commonly used in cooking. Most dark rums come from areas such as Jamaica, Bahamas, Haiti, and Martinique. Appleton Signature Blend;  Plantation O.F.T.D. Dark; Myers’s Original Dark

Demerera Rum: While many rums are made from sugar cane grown in Brazil, Demerera is made from cane grown in Guyana, with long aging and a rich, dark flavor profile similar to Jamaican rum; distilled using old stills, thought to be indicative of how rum used to taste. El Dorado 15 Lemon Hart 151 Demerara; Hamilton

Rhum Agricole: Made with sugar cane juice instead of molasses, so terroir (i.e. where the sugar cane was grown) is an important factor; can be white, gold, dark, etc., with flavors that incorporate vegetal notes into the complex rum backdrop. Neisson Reserve; Niesson Blanc; Clement X.O. Agricole

Gold Rums: also called "amber" rums, are medium-bodied rums that are generally aged. These gain their dark colour from aging in wooden barrels (usually the charred, white oak barrels that are the byproduct of Bourbon whiskey). They have more flavor and are stronger-tasting than light rum, and can be considered midway between light rum and the darker varieties. Don Q Anejo; Bacardi Gold; Cotton & Reed Mellow Gold; Plantation; Ministry of Rum Gold

Light Rums: also referred to as "silver" or "white" rums, in general, have very little flavor aside from a general sweetness. Light rums are sometimes filtered after aging to remove any colour. The majority of light rums come from Puerto Rico. Their milder flavors make them popular for use in mixed drinks, as opposed to drinking them straight. Light rums are included in some of the most popular cocktails including the Mojito and the Daiquiri.  Novo Fogo Silver; Bacardi Light; Bly Silver Rum

Overproof Rums: are much higher than the standard 40% ABV (80 proof), with many as high as 75% (150 proof) to 80% (160 proof) available for example Bacardi 151. They are usually used in mixed drinks.Hamilton 151; Wray & Nephew; Plantation O.F.T.D.; Gosling’s Black Seal; Lemon Hart

Premium Rums: as with other sipping spirits such as Cognac and Scotch whisky, are in a special market category. These are generally from boutique brands that sell carefully produced and aged rums. They have more character and flavor than their "mixing" counterparts and are generally consumed straight.  Ron Zacapa X.O.; Flor de Cana Centenario; El Dorado 21 yr; Samaroli Jamaican Rhapsody; Bapt & Clems

Spiced Rums: obtain their flavors through the addition of spices and, sometimes, caramel. Most are darker in colour, and based on gold rums. Some are significantly darker, while many cheaper brands are made from inexpensive white rums and darkened with caramel colour. Among the spices added are cinnamon, rosemary, absinthe/aniseed, pepper, cloves, and cardamom.  Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced; Captain Morgan Original Spiced


Appleton Signature Blend Rum
750ml | SKU 47519  A beautiful harvest gold and amber colour, with remarkable clarity and brilliance. Perfectly balanced complex citrus, fruity and sweet notes, with subtle orange peel, dried apricot, fresh peach, and a hint of molasses and woody notes.
Bacardi 8 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 58552 
Bacardi Gold Rum
1.75L | SKU 47197 
Bacardi Gold Rum
750ml | SKU 47199 
Bacardi Gold Rum
200ml | SKU 49429 
Bacardi Superior Light Rum
750ml | SKU 47194  A classic white rum with distinctive vanilla and almond notes developed in white oak barrels and shaped through a secret blend of charcoal for a distinctive smoothness.
Bacardi Light Rum
200ml | SKU 47196 
Bacardi Light Rum
375ml | SKU 47195 
Brugal Anejo Rum
750ml | SKU 57474 
Cotton & Reed Mellow Gold Rum
750ml | SKU 79627  Full, round, and friendly. Sip neat or use in fuller, heavier rum cocktails.
Cruzan Light Rum
1.75L | SKU 47027 
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum
750ml | SKU 48044  a characterful nose, showing fruit cake, rum'n'raisin ice cream, cocoa, dried ginger, cinnamon and clove. Develops baked bananas with fudge sauce and chewy toffee notes alongside vanilla oak and a deeper note of syrupy gingerbread, with hints of orange zest.
Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced Rum
750ml | SKU 78337  Warm kitchen spices like vanilla, cinnamon and caramel slowly give way to oaky notes and a touch of toasted coffee.
El Dorado 12 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 51030 
El Dorado 15 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 47178  This was rated the best rum in the world at the International Wine and Spirit Competition four years running, and for good reason!
El Dorado 21 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 46886 
El Dorado 3 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 48583 
El Dorado 5 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 54918 
Gosling's 151 Rum Black Seal Rum
750ml | SKU 47537  A super high strength dark rum from Bermuda. Despite the 75.5% of Gosling's Black Seal 151, this is a very smooth rum, and it's utterly delicious.
Lemon Hart 151 Demerara Rum
750ml | SKU 72583  The rum enters with considerable heat and spice, showing cinnamon, red and black pepper, and a bit of nutmeg. With some water added, the rum changes fairly radically, revealing salted butter, caramel, coffee, and Chantilly cream. A key component for tiki drinks.
Ministry of Rum 151 Overproof (Hamilton) Rum
750ml | SKU 66173  This blend of aged Demerara rums is bottled at 151 proof to bring the full flavor to tiki and other cocktails that call for Demerara Overproof rum.
Ministry of Rum Demerara River (Hamilton) Rum
750ml | SKU 66992  Deep Amber rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged up to five years.
Mount Gay X.O. Rum
750ml | SKU 47800 
Neisson Rhum (Agricole) Blanc Rum
1L | SKU 65725 
Neisson Blanc is the quintessential white agricole rhum.
Plantation 5 yr Rum
750ml | SKU 67053  A subtle and tropical Barbadian style rum, excellent for aperitifs or classic cocktails like the Mai Tai.
Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Dark Rum
1L | SKU 70697  O.F.T.D. officially stands for Old Fashioned Traditional Dark.
Fourquare Probitas White Blended Rum
750ml | SKU 86948 
Its a blend of unaged column-still and aged pot-still rum from Foursquare plus an unaged pot-still rum from Jamaicas Hampden Estate.
Rhum J.M. Blanc Rum
750ml | SKU 85883 
Rhum J.M. VSOP Rum
750ml | SKU 55303 
Ron Zacapa X.O. Rum
750ml | SKU 53669  Ron Zacapa XO is made using virgin sugar cane honey and is then aged and blended using the solera method, a traditional sherry aging method that brings balance and consistency to each blend.
Smith & Cross Rum
750ml | SKU 52012