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Secrets to Successful Holiday Baking

Most cooks know that the secret to a tasty meat sauce is a cup of red wine; but, did you know that alcohol can also enhance the taste and texture of your baked goods, too? Cakes will be moister and certainly tastier! Get creative with cake batter or add a burst of flavor by soaking your fruit ingredients in a liqueur.

Tips for Spiked Sweets:

    1. Vodka makes a great flake. Add a couple tablespoons of cold vodka to your pie crust recipe for a dough that’s easier to roll out. The vodka keeps the dough from developing too much gluten, leaving you with a light, flaky crust. Boyd & Blair, Chopin, Tito‘s
    2. Bourbon makes vanilla bloom. Bourbon is the key to a smooth, oak flavored homemade vanilla extract. Bulleit, Rowan‘s Creek, Wild Turkey 101
    3. Better bottle means better baking. Avoid the cheap stuff!!! The better quality alcohol, the better impact it will have on your baked goods.
    4. Cream curdling cooking? No thanks. Alcohol can curdle cream, so it’s immensely important that you use a carrier when adding booze to creamy baked goods. Soaking raisins in rum, cherries in vodka and apples in brandy will result in all flavor and no curdle.
    5. Put the rum in the coconut and whip it all up. Add dark and smoky spiced rum along with savory coconut to heavy cream as you whip up soft, white peaks. Ministry of Rum, Gosling‘s Black Seal, Don Q, Kraken

Add some Flavor:

Italy was the birthplace of this almond liqueur. A famous macaroon-type cookie is made using amaretto. It is also used to flavor a popular cheesecake. Luxardo, Disaronno

This French liqueur is flavored with anise seeds. It‘s sweeter and lower in alcohol than other anise-flavored liqueurs. (Substitute one teaspoon anise extract for each tablespoon of anisette.) Sambuca, Vicenete Bosch

An herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century and produced in France. Benedictine

Creme de Cassis
Made with black currants, this sweet liqueur blends well in chocolate recipes. It also is used often with fruit. L Heritier-Guyot, G. E. Massenez

It is flavored only with the peel of bitter oranges, specifically those native to the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Manufacturers may tint their Curaçao blue, green, orange, or amber, but color does not affect the flavor. Langlois, Pierre Ferrand

Another Italian beverage, Frangelico gets its flavor from hazelnuts. It can be found in cheesecake and mousse recipes. Frangelico

This Italian liqueur is flavored with anise and comes in a bottle that‘s one inch taller than your liquor cabinet. It‘s used to make Harvey Wallbangers and other cocktails. Galliano

Grand Marnier
This classic is a mixture of brandy and orange. It is used in souffles, crepes, mousses, and desserts. Duck also pairs well with the rich orange flavor. Grand Marnier

Made in New Orleans, this anise-flavored liqueur was developed as a substitute for absinthe, which contains a narcotic and is outlawed in the United States. It‘s used in mixed drinks and Oysters Rockefeller. Herbsaint

This coffee-flavored drink from Mexico is also used extensively in baking. Many Tiramisu recipes employ it.

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