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Cooking & Baking Workshops

Sal "The Bread Guy" Fiorito

With a renewed interest in artisanal bread-making, Sal has an interesting niche because his methods can be reproduced quite easily by almost anyone, without sacrificing those things which make bread such a taste necessity, i.e. heavenly crust and soft tasty interior. Classes also cover making more specialized bread like pain d'epi and pain fendu (see photos below). Focaccias with original flavorings, useful for sandwiches or as tasty bread alternatives. Nice pizzas with discussions on using interesting toppings. How to make a quick and delicious pizza sauce. All this covered in the one-day workshop, followed by a tasting, with wine, of course. Sal also teaches one-day workshops on cooking, such as Pastas, Exotic Comfort Foods, and Small Dishes (mostly vegetarian.) Simple techniques, great results, for modern time-starved people. Sal will bring a couple of spreads to accompany his bread.

Sal has been asked by some restaurants to do breads for special dinners and fundraisers for food-related charities. He made bread for some dinners honoring A Very Famous Chef and Food Guru, who liked it a lot.

A former med student and son of an Italian cooking teacher in New York City, Sal Fiorito studied art in London in the 70’s, and with German Swiss and French artists. He has designed restaurants , clubs and boutiques and kitchens, and after spending considerable time in France, has consulted on wine cellar design and wine selection for private clients. He taught specialized art classes at the Smithsonian for 16 years. He has been giving his popular one-day baking and cooking workshops for several years.

Classes take place in Fiorito's spacious kitchen in NW Washington, with a maximum of 7 students.


“The Italian Guy Finally Does Pastas”
7 Simple & Exceptional Dishes

Almost everyone eats pasta, partly because it can be make quickly and it is a versatile base for countless ingredient combinations. In this one day workshop, Sal Fiorito will demonstrate up to 7 pasta dishes, including some original dishes such as SPINACH PASTA with AVOCADO SAUCE. We will discuss and demonstrate matching pasta types and shapes with their best sauces. Quick and delicious sauces for fresh pasta, dried pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, and a killer VEGETARIAN LASAGNA WITH PESTO-BECHAMEL SAUCE (this one IS time-consuming). PENNE WITH CAULIFLOWER, SALMON+CILANTRO PESTO on fresh pasta, QUICK TOMATO SAUCE, FETTUCCINE ALFREDO VARIATIONS (ASPARAGUS, PROSCIUTTO), HOME-MADE GNOCCHI OR RAVIOLI, PUTTANESCA SAUCE. more...


Small Dishes: Starters - Appetizers - Bruschette - Tapas

these versatile dishes satisfy alone or serve as beginnings of a complete dinner. You can pass them around or present them as a buffet during cocktails or first wines. Use a combination of two or three to make an excellent first course. Follow them up with French, Italian, Spanish or Middle Eastern food, or make enough for the entire evening and these very wine-compatible dishes are completely satisfying. All of these dishes are easy to prepare and mostly vegetarian. When you use them as starters, they won't take away from your main course, only enhance it. more...


Making Easy Baguettes Also: Focaccia And Pizza

For a dinner party or an everyday meal, home made bread gives you the perfect head-start. Fresh baguettes with good butter or your favorite spreads launch your meal, sop up your main-course sauce and shepherd your best cheeses and salads. Sal Fiorito, artist and 16-year art & design teacher at the Smithsonian, has developed a one-day method for making serious crusty french-italian style loaves. In this one-day hands-on workshop you will learn the dough-prep, rising, forming and baking techniques for crusty baguettes, as well as a super-quick way to make an excellent dough f pizza or focaccia. We will taste and discuss breads and pizza with a glass of wine. more...


Exotic Comfort Foods - Tajines, Stews & Fricassees

All food should be comforting in some way, but for every culture there are those special dishes, some from our own childhood, some associated with friends or family, which we like so much we’d like to share them with the world (”my recipe for mac and cheese ? Sure, here.”) In this one day workshop, we will demonstrate 4 “exotic” yet comforting main dishes with 2 accompaniments. These are basically one-dish meals combining some meat with interesting vegetables and spices, and which like your neighborhood bistro can all be made ahead-of-time, allowing flavors to develop, then finished at the last minute, allowing you to better enjoy family or friends. Terrific winter fare. more...