About us

Addy Bassin's MacArthur Beverages is Washington DC's leading retailer and importer of fine wines and spirits. Over the years we have garnered the reputation as one of America's best wine merchants by importing wines directly from Europe and reselling them to private clients throughout the United States and the world.

MacArthur Beverages was founded in 1957 by Addy & Ruth Bassin and is located at 4877 MacArthur Boulevard NW in Washington, DC. We have been at our current address since 1962. Addy & Ruth's two daughters are now the sole owners of MacArthur Beverages. Addy Bassin made 'front page' news in 1977 when he set the world record for the highest price ever paid for a single bottle of wine, an 1806 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, for $14,450.00. 

In 1985 MacArthur Beverages became the first and only store to offer California Wine Futures. This addition has been extremely successful for the vintners, our customers, and our futures program. With our commitment to bringing our customer the best wines at the best price, our innovation and dedication continues. 

We are Direct Importers:

  • We own a Federal Import Permit which allows direct importation without the assistance of an intermediary or agent, i.e., a wholesaler. 
  • Retailers in the District of Columbia and California are allowed to hold import permits. No other states allow retailers this ability. 
  • We buy directly from producers and negociants. We buy at the best possible price to sell at the best possible price. This creates a distinct price advantage where savings go directly to our customers.
  • Importing wine directly from the source also gives us a reliability advantage. We do not depend on other importers or wholesalers to deliver our wines.
  • With respect to Bordeaux, we buy directly from Bordeaux negociants, many of whom have been in business over 100 years! We organize containers (always refrigerated) and ship them directly to our temperature-controlled warehouse in Washington, DC.

Charitable Contributions / Community Involvement:

MacArthur Beverage is the proud founder and sponsor of two high profile charity events in Washington DC. In 2010 we held the 25th annual California Barrel Tasting to benefit the Addy Bassin Cancer Fund and the 11th annual Heart's Delight Wine Tasting and Auction for the American Heart Association. These events have raised over $9 million in net donations for the two charities. In September 2009, Ruth Bassin was given the Philanthropic award for community service by Wine Spectator's Market Watch magazine.

We are also a two-time winner of Market Watch's "Retail Leadership Award" and Washingtonian magazine's "Best Wine Shop in DC" award. Our reputation as a leader in fine wine is well known throughout the wine industry and we are quoted on a regular basis in wine journals such as Wine Spectator and Decanter. 

Reliability & Price are the two fundamental reasons to purchase wines & wine futures from MacArthur Beverages.

We are established.
We've been in business for over 65 years.
We out-right own the building, the property and over $5 million worth of fine wine inventory.
We look forward to the next 50 years and having you as a client (customer). 

Visit us at our Washington, DC location:

Addy Bassin's MacArthur Beverages
4877 MacArthur Boulevard NW
Washington, DC 20007