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Akitabare - Suirakuten "Heaven of Tipsy Delight" Daiginjo

720ml | SKU 69150 | 18 Available

Unusually for a daiginjo, Suirakuten is aged in the bottle for two years, developing a rarefied, multi-hued flavor. Gentle yet strong, unassuming but proud, a masterpiece of the brewer's art. Serving Recommendations: Best served cool at 50-60 degrees and...


Akitabare - Shunsetsu "Spring Snow" Nama Honjozo (unpasteurized)

720ml | SKU 69151 | Available

This light sake is seamlessly put together. Just sweet enough for sipping chilled on a warm day, with rarefied flavor notes that impart a declasse elegance, and a finish that is pleasantly dry. Serving Recommendations: Just sweet enough for sipping chill...


NV Choya Plum Wine w/o Plums

750ml | SKU 75309 | Available

NV Choya Umeshu Plum Wine w/Plums

750ml | SKU 75310 | Available

Dewazakura - Ginjo Sparkling-Festival of Stars

300ml | SKU 71147 | Available

Dewazakura Mountain Cherry Daiginjo

720ml | SKU 86133 | Available

Heiwa Shuzou KID Junmai Daiginjo

720ml | SKU 85970 | Available

Best served chilled - Brewed to be enjoyed for special occasions, this sake offers a refreshing fruity aroma, followed by an elegant and rich taste of sake rice. KID Junmai Daiginjo has well balanced acidity that gives way to a clean finish. This sake is ...


Heiwa Shuzou KID Junmai

720ml | SKU 85971 | 18 Available

Best served at room temperature - KID Junmai, which exhibits a soft mouth feel and offers an acidity that is well balanced with the gentle umami of sake rice. Brewed using the soft and clean spring water of Wakayama Prefecture, KID Junmai opens the door f...


Hoyo - Genji "Shining Prince" Junmai

720ml | SKU 72956 | 10 Available

With its distinctive taste of cedar, grass and citrus, Genji" delivers a crisp and refreshing "cold sake" experience. Falls midway between robust junmai and refined ginjo sake expressions. Serving Recommendations Genji's crispness and clean taste make it...


Kagatsuru Umeshu - Plum Sake

750ml | SKU 85980 | Available

Best served chilled, on the rocks or as a cocktail base - With well over 400 years of sake making experience, and the use of locally farmed plums, we now have this Umeshu, which offers a great balance of refreshing flavor, sourness of plum and the umami o...


NV Kamoizumi - Shusen "Three Dots" Junmai

900ml | SKU 69158 | 11 Available

A wild card in the sake deck, Kamoizumi has a woodsy, forest-floor aroma of fall leaves and mushrooms. There is a lot to explore in this big-boned sake, served either cool or warm. Serving Recommendations: First choice for duck or foie gras, this big-bon...


Kizakura - Tozai "Living Jewel" Junmai

720ml | SKU 48584 | Available

Light and easy drinking sake named after Japan's colorful koi fish that represent good fortune and luck. This sake represents the combination of vibrant colors, patterns, and shimmering scales that have earned Japanese koi fish the moniker ?living jewels.

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