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Charm City Meadworks - Basil Lemongrass 4pk

12oz | SKU 90248 | Available

A blend of fresh basil and bright lemongrass, with subtle honey notes, this ultra-dry mead is uniquely refreshing.  


Dansk Mjød - Klapojster Mjød

750ml | SKU 76861 | Available

Addition of aquavit to Klapøjster Mjød is inspired by old Danish traditions. This mead is thus stronger than the classic version, with an after-taste of schnapps, but retains the characteristic flavor associated with the body and sweetness of mead.


Dansk Mjød - Odin's Skull

750ml | SKU 95515 | Available

A fresh, spicy mead with hops, tart apple juice and a hint of cinnamon.


Dansk Mjød - Vikingernes Mjød

750ml | SKU 95903 | Available

A complex flavour reminiscent of white port. Lightly spiced, aromatic and sweet. 


Dansk Mjød - Gl. Dansk Mjød

750ml | SKU 95904 | Available

The ginger in Gl. Dansk Mjød gives it a complex, slightly spicy flavour. Gl. Dansk Mjød is an aromatic, sweet and semi-dry mead with a flavour somewhat reminiscent of sherry. 


Dansk Mjød - Viking Blood Mead

750ml | SKU 60628 | Available

We have combined our traditional mead with dried hibiscus and ginger to make Viking Blod, thus giving it a distinctive colour as well as a spicy, aromatic and floral taste. Viking Blod is a little like a good madeira.


Dansk Mjød - Ribe Mjød

750ml | SKU 93954 | Available

The added apple juice lightly accentuates the fruity, acidic notes of Ribe Mjød, providing an excellent contrast to the sweetness of the honey. 

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