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Blackberry Farm - Classic Saison
750ml | SKU 76858
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This is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale. The aroma is dominated by fruity esters reminiscent of citrus fruits along with a moderate earthy and floral hop aroma from the use of Noble-type hops in the brewing process. Has a deep gold, hue that is often hazy, and a voluminous head on pouring as a result of the bottle-conditioning and high natural carbonation. The beer is medium-bodied and has a very refreshing effervescence which, along with a fairly low alcohol content of 6% by volume, makes this a beer to be enjoyed on a warm day by itself or with a wide range of foods, whether casual or fine dining. Complex flavors and aromas in this beer are a result of the special yeast used in fermentation combined with the additional complexity added by bottle-conditioning in large bottles for at least six weeks before being released.

6% ABV

31 IBUs


Overall: Citrus, Spice, Earthy, Crisp, Dry

Pairings: Shellfish, Seafood, Variety of Salad Courses, Cheese

Profile: One of the rare beers that pairs well with most foods, cuisines, and at any point in the meal.

Malts: 100% Weyermann Floor Malted Heirloom Barley

Hops: Styrian Aurora, French Triskel, Czech Saaz

Yeast: Classic Saison

Blackberry Farm