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Brooklyn Cider House - Kinda Dry 4pk can
12oz | SKU 78767
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Brooklyn Cider House

Kinda Dry
5.5% abv 

An off-dry cider that is as close as you can get to biting into a freshly-picked New York apple. Tart apple flavor, bubbles, a touch of sweetness, and a remarkably friendly finish transport you to an orchard on a crisp fall day. Kinda Dry is a perfect casual sipper and an ideal picnic companion. We ferment our Kinda Dry slowly for about 2-3 months, carefully monitoring its sugar level. When the cider reaches just the right amount of sweetness, we use an old winemaking technique to stop fermentation. Then, we filter, lightly carbonate, and bottle it to maintain its natural sugars.

Brooklyn Cider House