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Don Q 10 yr 2005 Single Barrel Rum
750ml | SKU 78404
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Don Q Signature Release for 2016 is a Single Barrel rum from 2005.  Don Q are amongst a number of producers who are making noises about “no addtives” in their rum.  They freely invite you to test their wares as they know they have not added anything.

Despite this I still notice a lot of scepticism in the rum community concerning Don Q rums.  Much of this based on the fact they produce multi column distilled rums.  All I will say to those sceptical about their rums is try one, especially their Anejo or Gran Anejo.

This Signature Release was distilled back in 2005 and bottled in 2015 making it a ten year old rum.  There are 6000 bottles of this available and it is denoted as a Limited Edition.  The bottle is different from the “standard” DonQ line up (Cristal, Gold and Anejo) and the Gran Anejo.  They have went for the popular “stubby” style bottle with this release.  The bottle is rounded and has a very nice natural cork stopper.  The top of the stopper is particularly cool.  It has a picture of the Signature Don Q horse and rider.

Destileria Serralles, Inc.
Puerto Rico
Barcode: 082301755513