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George Dickel Rye Whiskey
750ml | SKU 70394
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George Dickel is known for using only two mashbills. All four of their whiskeys consist of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley, while their single rye product consists of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. Interestingly enough, this rye is distilled by MGP that is chilled and filtered through charcoal made of sugar maple wood by George Dickel. It is aged in George Dickel warehouses in char #4 barrels with a #2 head. This is the same char level used for aging other Dickel whiskys.

A very approachable and inviting nose is instantly noticeable. Sweet notes of vanilla, marshmallow, lightly charred wood, fallen leaves, and a hint of grilled peaches. It’s a different combination, but one that works well. Surprisingly enough, the hints of rye grain that are present, aren’t as plentiful as I expected for a whiskey with a 95% rye mashbill.

Any misdirection the nose may have created that this wasn’t a high rye is instantly quashed in the palate. My mouth is flooded with a heavy dose of creamy spiced rye grain. The palate has a familiar MGP flavor profile, however it’s clear that the Dickel charcoal filtering process has left its mark. Sweet vanilla and marshmallow follow the rye spice and combine to make for one very enjoyable palate. It’s not complex, but its delightful creamy profile makes it extremely easy to sip on.

The rye carries through to the finish and is consistent throughout. After a few moments, light hints of white pepper, oak, and leather subtly enter the picture and then subtly exit a few moments later leaving a dry rye characteristic to chew on for several minutes. The finish contains little to no heat and continues on the trend found in the palate of making this extremely easy to drink.

George Dickel
Barcode: 082000759454