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Red Spot Single Pot Still 15 yr Irish Whiskey Whiskey
750ml | SKU 87393
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Red Spot, A History Reborn

When bonding was prohibited in Ireland these unique whiskeys started to disappear in the 1960s. The revival of Red Spot is a unique moment for Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

Crafted from an old recipe handed down by the Mitchell & Son family of wine merchants, with records dating back to the early 1900s, the reimagined Red Spot is a triple-distilled, single pot still Irish whiskey that has been matured for a minimum of 15 years in a combination of casks pre-seasoned with bourbon, Oloroso sherry and Marsala fortified wine.

This highly-anticipated release delivers a full-bodied, complex and characterful flavour, worthy of its colourful past.
Mitchell & Son family 


Red Spot 15 Years Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Red Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey was produced at Midleton distillery. It has matured for over 15 years in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Spanish sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala wine casks, sourced from the Italian producer Florio. This adds complexity on top of complexity all coming together to contribute to a richness in flavour not seen before in the Spot Range of Irish Whiskey.

Pot Still spices with rich cooked fruit, baked apple, mango and black cherry. Hazelnut and a touch of new leather fuse with toasted American Oak.

A mix of ripe fruit sweetness from the Marsala seasoned wine casks. While the fruit remains, sweet red pepper and cracked black pepper add some spiciness, finished by notes of American Oak and barley.

An extra long infusion of fruits and spices. Malt, copper, banana, hay, dried strawberries, cocoa and baking spice with a bit of lemon curd, oak and vanilla frosting. 

Mitchell & Son
Barcode: 080432114025